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People and Culture workshops

I work with companies, governments and not-for-profits who understand the value of investing in their people, as part of their leadership and growth strategy.

I've enabled dozens of executives and their teams to identify the root causes and barriers to achieving success and strategies to unblock them, with humanity and care. I love working with teams to establish their purpose and confidently create strategies for navigating towards a new standard of performance.

As a seasoned practitioner in culture and change, let me help you to inspire, uplift and grow your team.


Define your Vision

A clear and inspiring vision is essential for a team to succeed. It's the dream that everyone works towards and a 'north star' during challenging times. It must be clear and aspirational so people can rally around it and crucially, genuine and repeatable. This interactive workshop will ignite your team to nail a vision that they believe in, own and becomes their burning 'reason for being'.

Here's what you can expect:

  • A deeply held set of core values.

  • A powerful, co-designed team vision.

  • An action plan to embed     it in the business.

Format: 2 x half day or full day workshop.


Decide your Leadership 'why'

For leaders to really shine beyond a title as humans who enable and inspire people, it's essential to 'know who they are'. Through introspective tools, exercises and discussions, participants will explore their values, strengths, and areas for personal growth. By gaining a deeper understanding of themselves, leaders can enhance their communication, decision-making, and relationship-building skills, leading to more successful and empathetic leadership, with a clear leadership 'why'..

Here's what you can expect:

  • Seven key questions to establish your ‘why’.

  • A tailored Life Canvas to achieve it.

  • Practical takeaways to implement with teams immediately and become  a better leader.


Format: Full day workshop.


Design your Culture 

What will you say when people ask 'what is your culture?'. A strong, thriving culture is essential to unleash your people's true potential. This powerful workshop provides a dynamic space for teams to design, define and create the culture they will invest in.  It's time to get culture right to unlock and maximise growth. We'll help you define (and redefine) the way you truly want to show up to work together.

Culture Workhops



Culture workshops

We work with early-stage and established businesses to design, build and grow strong, sustainable cultures. 

Demand from shareholders, investors and employees to demonstrate an intentional culture that enables profit and people to thrive is greater than ever.

Using simulated decision-making based on real life scenarios, participants decide what matters most for each of the 12 key elements of culture they will build and grow as a team. A visual "Culture Greenprint" is created that captures these decisions, to embed with the organisation.

Here’s what you can expect:


  • Codify your culture as a Culture Greenprint

  • Industry-proven co-design practices

  • Scenario-based, for more authentic results

  • Choose to go a step further and see it in action for your business with Culture Lab® 

  • In-person, online, or hybrid.

Format: Full day workshop.

I engaged Cassandra at a critical point in the growth of one of our SaaS teams. She took us through some real-life challenges that really made us think about exactly what culture we want. Having our own culture blueprint means we’ve got a pathway forward for our people.


Cassandra’s culture design workshops gave us the tools and strategy to create the customer-focused culture we need.


Culture is the most powerful force in business.

A Harvard study shows that a strong culture increases net income by 765% over 10 years. It’s hard to get a return like that on any investment.

Every aspect of our wellbeing is affected by the culture we work in – our physical and mental health, outlook and behaviour, at home and in society. Culture can shape a soul. That’s how important it is. However, it’s usually left to unfold by itself without being defined first, or re-hashed off the shelf solutions are used, which don't work.

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