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My Story

I'm Cassandra. 


I left the corporate world as a highly paid consultant, because I was no longer willing to ‘play the game’, or be part of a culture where a lack of integrity, harassment and abuse was normal. It was toxic and not what I stand for - justice, compassion and respect.  I've navigated the most trying of circumstances as a woman in men's world of business and burned out numerous times. After 25 years as hard-working and highly capable employee, I realised I was no longer prepared to play hard politics and always exhausted. It was a battle I could never win. 

After finally taking time off for the first time in my career, I found the space to question who I really am, what I'm passionate about and the legacy I would leave. 

I’d spent 25 years driving change and developing leadership across Australia - working with people on the front-line generating revenue or delivering essential services and the Boards and CEOs who decide how the business is run. 


As an expert in changing culture, I was the last to be called when things weren’t working, I realised that instead of fixing broken hierarchies, the opportunity to create a strong culture was to courageously re-baseline or build it from scratch.   So I founded the Organisational Intelligence Group and developed the GrowthCulture platform, Culture Creation FormulaTM and Culture Lab® method to create thriving teams that are inspired, energised and creative.

I've always naturally empowered people and catalysed them to step further, expand their perspective and spark new thinking that propels them forward.  GrowthCulture gave me the opportunity to create a completely new offering. Now, I coach high-performing Executives, who are unclear about their purpose or legacy, at a cross-roads and need a trusted confidant to re-connect with themselves, to live an authentic, fulfilling life.  


As a speaker, I inspire audiences to discover their leadership  'why' and decide how to live it, so they can build strong, thriving, organisations they love working in. My audiences leave 'switched on' and excited about their next steps. 

In my own time, I mentor girls and young women, am an avid reader, runner, tennis player and art lover. 

My life’s mission is to empower people to fulfil their true potential. I'd be honoured to join you in fulfilling yours.



I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

+61 437 009 020  

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