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"In those early days (we weren't) intentional enough     about the culture that we wanted to build. I would say    ..that it's worth investing into this much, much earlier".

Tim Fung, Co-Founder and CEO, Airtasker.

“Maintaining a healthy company culture is critical for a startup. That culture always tends to disintegrate at around 50 employees, sometimes earlier.”            

Joe Procopio, Multi-exit entrepreneur.

Once a business scales and culture unfolds by itself, it’s virtually impossible to change it. Start-ups are in the perfect position to intentionally design their culture with a deep purpose and values-oriented mindset, before it’s too late. It's the golden opportunity that larger businesses don't have - who spend millions attempting to rectify it.


However, the responsibility for building culture rests on the shoulders of Founders and their first employees, who simply don't have the bandwidth to focus on building a strong culture that can not only withstand the pressures of scaling, but create a vibrant, world-class company. A “Lean startup” approach requires them to prioritise product/market fit and ignore culture and team dynamics.


We work with with Founders and their investors to design and build unique, thriving cultures that accelerate growth.

Pre-seed to develop a baseline vision.

Seed to Series A stage, to design and build the foundations for an exceptional culture.

Series A to C, to refine and strengthen the culture, so it's resilient and evolves with brand.

Creating a strong, thriving culture, that enables its people to thrive and achieve its purpose.

Adopting GrowthCulture® means:

Growing an exceptional team that constantly innovates, building a globally competitive business.

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Avoiding the most common recruitment error when scaling, of       hiring the wrong people fast.
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